Feasibility Discussions and Evaluation of Novel Designs -
AR coatings, polarizers, broad bandpass and narrow bandpass filters, beam splitters, edge filters, notch filters, or broadband mirrors

Checking and Verifying Optical and Technological Requirements -
angle of incidence spectra, polarization behavior, losses by absorption and scattering, humidity sorption, stress, or process stability

Inquiries about State-of-the-Art Developments -
existent solutions on the market, rules and standards, or topical trends in coating design and thin-film software

Consulting on Manufacturing of New Products -
choosing suitable coating materials, calculation of deposition geometry, or simulation of optical film thickness monitoring

Furnishing Opinions on Projects and Reports -
examination of submitted proposals, analysis of coincidence of parameters, or evaluation of production risks

Training in all Aspects of Thin-Film Optics -
in the principles of anti-reflection, applications of nano-structured AR coatings, or special design tools such as tolerancing or color management

Initial Skill Adaptation Training -
for all types of optical thin-film components, themes dealing with technological process flow, or the scientific basics of thin-film optics

The offered services refer solely to questions and problems with respect to their content in connection with thin-film optical theory, technique, and technology. Questions about other optical field topics can only be discussed if there are essential relationships to thin-film optics.